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About the Kindle Club:

This is an experiment to facilitate the sharing of books among a small group of people. It is a far from streamlined process, primarily because even though Amazon publishes this as the way to share books among friends, they certainly don't make it easy (for obvious reasons).

Here is the process:

1) To order books for a Kindle, you must register the Kindle with Amazon. That means associating yourAmazon E-Mail Address and Amazon Password with the 16 character ID for the unit. If you have been reading books on your kindle you have already done this.

2) Kindle allows you to move books "you have purchased" to any device (Multiple Kindles, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Fire, and other devices associated with your e-mail address. At this point I know the process for moving to Kindles, I think the other devices will be more difficult so we'll save that for another day.

3) As an example, if I wanted to move books I have purchased to Dave Bigler's Kindle, the steps would be:

  • Deregister Dave's Kindle from his account. This can be done on his Kindle, or through his PC on the Amazon web site.
  • Then register Dave's Kindle under my Amazon account.
  • I can then move any books that I have purchased to Dave's Kindle, as long as it is registered under my account. In effect, by registering it under my account, for the time being, Amazon thinks I have an additional Kindle, and they allow moving the same book to multiple devices.
  • The network must be turned on for Dave's Kindle to receive the swapped books.
  • Once the books have been received on Dave's Kindle, I then deregister it from my Amazon Account.
  • Then Dave's Kindle is reregistered back to his Amazon Account.

Once books have been transferred to Dave's Kindle he has full access to them on his kindle, however they do not show up on his PC under his Amazon account, and he therefore could not swap these books using this process to anyone else.

Likewise, if I wanted to move some of Dave's books to my Kindle, I would go through the above process, however, this time I would deregister my Kindle and reregister it under Dave's Amazon account.

Confusing? Yes, but does work and once the process is understood, doesn't take much time to move books around.

For starters, if anyone else wants to join, first step is to set up what books they have on their Amazon account that would be available for sharing amongst the members. I will do the movements of books to attempt to limit the confusion with the above. The only downside I see at this point is I will need you Amazon account e-mail, Amazon password, and 16 digit Kindle number to make this work.

If we do this remotely (if I don't physically have your kindle), then you will need to keep the network on while I do the above process. You would have to let me know when the books have all been received so I can reregister it back to your account.

If you purchase new books, the onus is on the members to let me know so I can update the list. If you are considering purchasing a new book, you should check these lists first. Obviously it would be most efficient to move a number of books at a time, since the time consuming part of this process is the registering and deregistering. Once the Kindles are under the same account the movement of books is quite quick.

If you want to give this a try, send me an e-mail with the following:

  • Your Amazon e-mail account
  • Your Amazon password
  • Your 16 character Kindle ID
  • A list of books you want to transfer (Owner-Book #s)

Comments are most welcome.

Bert McConnell